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IPRRC adds six to Advisory Committee

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Sean D. Williams
Executive Director
Bowling Green State University

Jackie Matthews

Board of Directors

Dr. Denise Bortree
Penn State University

Keith Burton

Grayson Emmett Partners

Angela Dwyer

Dr. Yan Jin
University of Georgia


Dr. David Michaelson
David Michaelson & Company

Gary Sheffer
Boston University


Dr. Don W. Stacks Board Chair
University of Miami


Dr. Donald K. Wright
Boston University

Greetings all! We are very pleased to announce that six notable scholars have agreed to join the IPRRC Advisory Committee. Nearly all of them will be familiar names to you, as all are frequent presenters and are active in public relations in several other organizations. Please join me in welcoming them to our conference!

Lucinda Austin,
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Austin joined the faculty in July 2016 and teaches courses in public relations and strategic communication. Her research focuses on social media’s influence on strategic communication initiatives, namely health and crisis communication, and explores publics’ perspectives in corporate social responsibility and organization-public relationship building.

Dane Kiambi, University of Nebraska, Lincoln,  
Associate Professor of public relations in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Dr. Kiambi has a keen interest in the role and impact of public relations and strategic communications in fostering democracy, good governance, economic growth and healthy lifestyles, particularly in the developing world.

Devin Knighton, APR, BYU, 
Assistant Professor of Public Relations in the School of Communications at BYU, Dr. Knighton earned his Ph.D. in Public Relations from Purdue University in August 2019 and his Masters in Strategic Public Relations from The George Washington University in May 2010. He seeks to discover how big data from social networks influences the communication strategy of the organization and its relationships with stakeholders.

Marlene Neill, Baylor University,
Dr. Neill is Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director at BU. Her research interests include Ethics in public relations, public relations management, integrated communication, ethics in advertising, internal/employee communication. 

Tyler Page, University of Connecticut, 
Dr. Page is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at UConn. He has a background in public relations and marketing in the technology sector, including work as the first marketing/public relations person at survey-giant Qualtrics, and the Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Peer60, Inc (now Reaction Data). Tyler’s research examines the effects of crisis communication, both from a reputation perspective and from a safety perspective.

Katie Place, Quinnipiac University,
Dr. Place is Professor of Public Relations at QU, where she teaches courses in public relations, strategic planning, and ethics. Dr. Place's research examines the nexus of power, listening and ethics in public relations.  
We look forward to expanding the Advisory Committee in the near future with members from the non-academic portion of our practice.

All the best, 

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