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Presentation Format 


How do I prepare for my presentation? 

What you can expect: If you have been with us before you know that this is an exhaustive 3-day discussion of public relations research and theory. The actual sessions begin following opening welcomes at 8:00 and at 8:30 with the first round of discussions. Each session consists of 6 presentations going on simultaneously —each author(s) will quickly present their presentation in about a 7-minute time frame and then for the next 8 minutes discuss with listeners the ramifications of their presentation. After 15 minutes participants are asked to move to another table for another discussion. (Please note that participants may have to make choices about whom they discuss within each session, we will have many sessions with four rounds but six presenters.) Each session begins on time and ends on time. We fully expect that discussions will continue out of session, at lunch, or over refreshments and drinks. We hope that several research collaborations are born from each conference—whether between academics or between academics and professionals.


For Presenters: You will find it best to present an executive summary of your findings with handouts for more specific findings (typically 1-2 pages). We do not provide projection equipment and frown on PowerPoint presentations via laptop but promise not to confiscate from those who do. Please rehearse your presentation—experience has taught us that by the third round of presenting, you will be where you should be. One final comment: when told it is time to shift tables, please do so immediately. Holding up the next round only reduces the time you have. 


Conference Modality


Is there an online/hybrid version of this conference?

IPRRC 2024 is to be held fully in-person. There is no online/hybrid portion of the conference this year, due to the limitation of internet and tech support. We hope to see you at our future conferences, if you are unable to attend in-person this year. 



Where can I find the conference program? 

You can find the conference program, registration links, and hotel information at You may also “like” us on Facebook via:; and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @IPRRC.


Who should I reach out to for further questions?

Please reach out to the IPRRC Team at

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