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25 years of

Throughout its history, IPRRC has become one of the top venues for presentation of innovative PR research and for interaction among scholars and professionals.

At IPRRC, research conversations between scholars and professionals are privileged over one-way presentations.


The format pioneered by IPRRC - and since adopted by others  - is small-group, roundtable presentations where equal time is alloted for presentation and discussion.

Meet the individuals responsible for IPRRC's many great successes!

Don Stacks

Michelle Hinson

Shannon Bowen

Ray Kotcher

Board of Directors

David Michaelson

Jackie Matthews

Sean Williams
Don Wright



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Bora Yook

Zifei Fay Chen

Yi Grace Ji

Branden Birmingham

Advisory Committee

Ali Alanazi
Marcia DiStaso
Hillary Fussell Sisco
Flora Hung-Baesecke
Zongchao Cathy Li
Jensen Moore
Ken Plowman
Holger Sievert
Dustin Supa
Koichi Yamamura
Denise Bortree
Melissa Dodd
John Gilfeather
Timothy Irish
Fraser Likely
Julie O'Neil
Brad Rawlins
Brian Smith
Katerina Tsetsura
Ansgar Zerfass
Regina Chen
W. Timothy Coombs
David Dozier
Angela Dwyer
Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto
Dave Hecht
Arunima Krishna
Dean Kruckeberg
Skye Martin
Rita Linjuan Men
Katie D. Paine
Robert Pritchard
Mark Richards
Bey-Ling Sha
Stacey Smith
Judy VanSlyke Turk
Kevin Stoker
Kelly Vibber
Lynn Zock