Dr. Don Stacks, CEO

Welcome to IPRRC 24!                                               International PR Research Conference


On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, welcome to our first (and hopefully, last) virtual IPRRC. As we all know too well, the exigencies of COVID-19 make it impossible for us to be in person this year, but we know that this online conference will be a great showcase for the newest research in our field and a great opportunity for you to discuss it.


If you mouse over the IPRRC 21 link in our navigation menu at the top right of this page, you will see links to each of the days of the conference. You can find a summary schedule by date, time, and session number, with paper title and Zoom link. You should bookmark/favorite and keep this page open anytime you’re attending the conference for reference and access to the sessions of your choice. You can also find the detailed descriptions of each presentation in the digital conference program


You will find it helpful to download the Zoom Desktop Application (the Client for Meetings) and if you have not already, sign up for an account. It’s free and will enable you to seamlessly move from session to session. We recommend you upload a photo so that even when you don’t have your video on, your face can be visible to presenters and other participants. If you need an introduction or refresher on using Zoom, you can find that here: There are additional tutorials available here:


How the conference works

There are four concurrent sessions in five time periods each day of the conference, for a total of 20 per day. In each time period, there are four Zoom meetings, one for each presented paper. As previously, each paper is presented four times, with 7 minutes as a presentation and 8 minutes of discussion. We might think of each Zoom meeting as a “table.” Every 15 minutes, attendees will “rotate” and go to another Zoom meeting at another “table.” The schedule of presentations, by day, time, and session number, includes links to each session and will be distributed to attendees via email as a link to a web page. Thus, participants will open the web page and click the relevant link to attend a session, then “leave meeting” and repeat the process to attend another session.


How do discussion and networking work?

When you’re in a session, you will have an opportunity to unmute your audio and interact with the presenters and other participants. You can also use the built-in Chat feature, to either chat with everyone in that session, or another participant individually.  In between sessions and at our midday lunch break, there will be a general session meeting available for anyone to join.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at


Have a great conference!

Don W. Stacks

Premiere international public relations research conference, connecting research to practice. 

Virtual Conference, March 3-6, 2021