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1. What is the format of the presentation at the conference? 

This is a round-table type, discussion-based conference. Each session consists of 6 presentation tables going on simultaneously. Each author(s) will quickly present his/her/their presentation in about a 7-minute time frame and then use the next 8 minutes to discuss with attendees the implications of their presentation. After 15 minutes, participants are asked to move to a different table for another discussion. Please note that participants may have to make choices about which presentations to engage with during each session. 

2. This is my first time presenting at the conference. What should I prepare for the presentation?

You will find it best to present an executive summary of your paper with handouts for more specific findings. We do not provide projection equipment and frown on PowerPoint presentations via laptop but promise not to confiscate from those who do. Remember, you will only present about 7 minutes then will discuss with listeners for the next 8 minutes. Please practice your presentation to better manage your time. Each session begins on time and ends on time. 


3. This is my first time participating in the conference. What do I expect? 

You have an important role at the conference. This conference format focuses on facilitating discussions between presenters and participants. You can ask for clarification or definitions, or suggest your ideas about how the presenters may advance their research and practice. Be considerate to other participants in each discussion session and prepared to move on or stay for another round in each session.  


4. Are there any social events? 

There will be two social events. The opening social will be held on Wednesday (March 3) night before the start of the conference to welcome attendees. The closing social will be held on Saturday (March 6) night to celebrate your survival from the intensive three-day discussion of public relations research, theory, and practice! The socials will be held virtually.

5. I am a presenter. Do I need to register for the conference?

Yes. All presenters and attendees must register online for the conference, please visit


We look forward to seeing you all on Zoom! 

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